TN1 - Plant expansion for new tyres

High-quality special machines for the qualification of old and new tyres

Our products

Automated qualification with consistent documentation Made in Germany

Product variants

TP1 Qualification of used passenger car tyres
TL1 Qualification of used truck tyres

New product

TN1 Qualification of new passenger car tyres

With the patented Tire Measurement Reporting System®,
we make a significant economic and commercial contribution
to the resource-saving use of tyres:

Sector of used tyres

With the TP1 and the TL1, we offer disposal companies a fully automated solution for the qualification and further use of used tyres.

Sector of new tyres

With the TN1, tyre wholesalers and the automotive industry can now also benefit from our system expansion with

TN1 - Our plant expansion for new tyres

With our TN1, you get the image processing system that is precisely tailored to the task at hand. From conventional 2D systems to systems for more complex 3D applications to multifunctional systems that require a combination of 2D and 3D sensor technology.

Our TN1 is characterised by its modular principle, which allows the most diverse imaging processes to be combined with each other.

Based on our image processing software, image data from different hardware and software manufacturers can be reliably read in, processed, evaluated and clearly displayed.

Especially in the tyre industry with its high quality standards and a constantly increasing number of product variants, which poses new challenges for in-house logistics, our system helps with its modularity and flexibility.

Performance spectrum

TN1 - Ensuring quality and traceability in all production steps

3 D Laser Triangulation

Several object properties are checked simultaneously. Application examples:

Deep Learning

The next level in machine vision. Application examples:

ID Reading systems

Read everything you want to identify. Examples of use:

Line scan process

Precise measurements on moving objects especially at high throughput rates. Application examples:

Vision manager

Forms a framework, integration of vendor-independent libraries, components and interfaces. Examples: