Product innovation and patent

How did the development come about?

The idea for automated sorting and qualification of used tyres actually arose from a request from an automobile manufacturer. The task was to achieve 100% quality control of metal parts for car production. Mr. Brain and Mr. Staudinger developed solutions for this. As is often the case, their thoughts then turned and during a refuelling stop somewhere on a motorway, they asked themselves the question “how does it actually work with the used tyres on our cars”. Disposal, recycling, testing, retreading, carcasses… that was the basic impulse for the development of this new machine. It was important for us to have a plannable process with the lowest possible costs – but with an optimal operating result.

Profile of the patented system - what is it capable of?

Inspection of passenger car tyres with a width of 150 mm to 320 mm
and a diameter from 14″ to 21″, which corresponds to approx. 400 to 750 mm

Customized quality tests with different dimensions:
Model, tread depth, tyre size, tread pattern, DOT identification (optional), Contiseal, snowflake, TWI

Technical performance data

The cycle time is approx. 11 seconds per tyre and depends on the number of defined quality checks. The throughput of up to 3,000 tyres in an 8-hour shift is possible. Also a daily logged evaluation of the quality inspection.

On the basis of the evaluations, the tyres can be diverted directly to a modularly expandable diverter for further use.

Each system is manufactured according to German quality standards and in Germany.

Bring your company up to date in order to operate efficiently and in a plannable manner and thus have the optimum benefit.


The machine is designed for multi-shift operation and can be visited at any time and also tested with your own tyres.

You can find out more about the working process here: