Automated sorting of used tyres

So that we do not pollute the environment even more

Environment, climate, global warming and responsible waste management

Environment, climate, global warming and responsible handling of waste.

For you as a certified specialist company in scrap tyre disposal, acting in an environmentally conscious manner is always your focus – and ours too. If old tyres still have enough tread depth and are still usable in terms of quality, they are suitable for export abroad. If only the tread strip is worn and there are no other defects, the tyres can be retreaded.

Nevertheless: In Germany alone, about 80 million used tyres are generated every year – that is about 600,000 tonnes. In Europe, the figure is as high as 3.2 million tonnes.

Used tyres cannot simply be disposed of in household waste. During uncontrolled burning, chemicals and flue gases are released into the atmosphere, polluting the environment. Professional and responsible waste tyre disposal in compliance with the regulations is therefore absolutely necessary.

Since tyres are made of rubber and steel, the recyclables must be separated from each other. The first step is to shred used tyres into palm-sized pieces. The shredded scrap tyre pieces are easily separated from the steel using a magnet. The remaining rubber shredder is processed into rubber powder. There are various areas of application for the rubber powder obtained: Sports field construction, construction industry, carpet underlay, fencing and many more.

We are proud to contribute to the preservation of our environment together with you.

We are a ZARE member

The ZARE initiative is an association of 12 certified scrap tyre disposal companies organised in the Bundesverband Reifenhandel und Vulkaniseur-Handwerk e.V. (BRV). (BRV) and certified scrap tyre disposal companies. It has set itself the task of raising awareness for professional tyre recycling in Germany. ZARE wants to make motorists aware of how to dispose of their used tyres properly.

You can find more information here.

The complete collection and compliance with the regulations for a specialised waste management company ensures the proper disposal and recycling of all used tyres in compliance with the law and thus in accordance with the environmental contract.

We act in accordance with the following principles:

  • The guideline for our actions is the environmental management manual and its implementation.
  • Already during the planning and development of new products and processing methods, we pay attention to the highest possible environmental compatibility.
  • Resources are preserved as far as possible, recycled and used sparingly. The principle of “as much as necessary, as little as possible” always applies to consumption.
  • All residues (waste) generated are checked for internal and/or external processing.
  • Plant and equipment shall be equipped to control and minimise pollutant emissions and noise pollution.
  • All employees shall actively participate in environmental protection decisions and contribute to the implementation of the environmental programme by acting and thinking in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Suppliers and customers shall be informed about environmental measures, their internal implementation and resulting changes.
  • Close cooperation with the relevant authorities is enforced.


Know-how and experience are indispensable, so we are always on the lookout for active networkers who deal with environmental issues. We are always open to hints and tips and welcome your feedback.