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Inspection of passenger car tyres with a width of 150 mm to 320 mm and a diameter of 14″ to 21″, corresponding to approx. 400 to 750 mm

During the quality check, parameters such as tread depth, tyre dimensions (size based on tyre labelling), tread pattern across the tread width, as well as DOT number and TWI (both sides, top and bottom) can be logged.

As a rule, an efficient output of up to 400 tyres per hour, i.e. 3,000 tyres in 8 hours, can be assumed.

The system can be operated by 1-2 employees.

The system automatically discharges the tyres based on the tests you have requested. You can specify the quality requirements according to which the tyres are to be channelled into containers and sent for processing, recycling or disposal.

The system is controlled via a control cabinet and PC, which can also be operated in a corresponding on-site container.

The evaluations/logging of the production takes place by means of a printer on the control PC.

The system can be assembled in modules according to your possibilities, wishes and specifications, so that the structural conditions in your buildings or your grounds can be taken into account. This system is designed for at least covered operation.

This system is a solid industrial design from German production, as are the components, drives, controls, conveyor technology, measuring technology and other designs. Everything is made in Germany.